Transgressive Interactive Art Transgressive Interactive Art A thesis for Master of Arts at Dartmouth college, consisting of 4 transgressive installations. (from Jan 19 to 20, 2007)

The Inner Voice The Inner Voice An installation performed at Dartmouth College on January 19 and 20, in which visitors are locked in a room and forced to compose. (from Jan 19 to 20, 2007)

Scream Yell Scream Yell An installation which incites viewers to scream. (from Jan 19 to 20, 2007)

Automatic Electro-acoustic Music Generator Automatic Electro-acoustic Music Generator A (now discontinued) web service to automatically generate electro-acoustic music compositions from sound files provided by the user. (from Dec 2004 to May 2005)

Poliphili Poliphili An ethereal installation of sounds collected during the evening of performance, inspired by the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili. (Sep 27, 2003)