Electro-Acoustic Music Generator

The Generator Project has Ended.

This page is here for historical reasons. Generating files is no longer possible, though you may browse the files that were generated before. Thank you for your interest. Please contact me if you have further questions.

Gone are the days when electro-acoustic musicians need fancy equipment and expensive studios to do their work. With today's technology, all the power of the RCA Mark II, a room filled with vacuum tube oscillators, or even the famed Telharmonium of Thomas Calhill, which filled the basement of a concert hall with rotating dynamos, can be had with the power of a portable computer.

But technology has helped us not just in the field of miniaturization and alleviation of costs, as significant as those have been. Advances have also been made in the act of music production itself. Gone are the days when musicians have to resort to exhaustively splicing tape for hours in the studio, assembling each sound literally by hand. Today's computer technology expedites the process more than one hundred fold.

But not only in the tools of music production have the advances been significant. With today's studies in the field of artificial intelligence, the exhausting effort it takes to produce interesting compositions has been reduced. Gone are the days when musicians must study and train for years to hone fine motor control of instruments, or to learn the mundane mechanics of composition and form. Today's technology in artificial intelligence can take the burden of these tasks away, leaving the musician more free to do what is important: enjoying life. With the Electro-Acoustic Music Generator, all the joys of creating your own music can be had with a minimum of effort on your part.

*Note: Many people are unaccustomed to the field of electro-acoustic music and the sounds it produces. As a means of increasing your appreciation of this type of music, please visit the following links:

This is, of course, by no means an exhaustive list, merely a taste to whet the appetite.

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