Various abandoned music

in progress since Jul, 2001
Blind (Swans cover) 2002-06-06
Nights in White Satin (from the aborted "suicide mix" collection) 2001-07-20
Take the Long Way Home (from the aborted "suicide mix" collection) 2001-08-06
Leo Kotke's Fisherman (with kids and septic removal) 2004-07-10
Orphaned draft electronic tracks
Doilth 2004-02-02
Broken Piano with Eric Vogler 2004-02-02
Drink! 2004-02-02
Heideggerianurbania 2004-02-02
Poliphili 2004-02-02
Swumpfy 2004-02-02
qz.AnIdea 2004-02-02
toypiece 2, on Anders' toy piano 2004-09-21
atlanticnz, fixed media rendition of this 2004-09-21
quickie.2004., minimalist drone. Gets going at 4:00 2004-06-06
amherst laundromat, from an amherst laundromat, I give ye... 12 abstract minutes. 2004-06-06
cohousing strobe cell towers 2004-06-06
Embarassing tracks
Fuck tha CO (from the heyday of CZ) 2001-06-06
Sartre (i am alone). oy. 2001-06-06
Clifton's techno let's go surfing. 2001-06-06