A Tribute to Mycroft Holmes and the Best of the New England Winter

This is a work in process, tracks will be added as they are completed.

new england
  1. Go Get the Fever and Give it to Me
  2. Fat Brother, Skinny Brother
  3. Berlin Mall *
  4. Overcoat Misunderstanding
  5. Shave Your Head Girl (updated 2008-5-5)
  6. The Kid Who Ignored Death
  7. A New Year and Nothing's New **
  8. The Diving Rock
  9. Kinda Blind *
  10. Snowing All Over the World
  11. I Saw You in a Movie
  12. North of Oliver North
  13. Do you Know the Twins? **
  14. Epistle to Becca
  15. Imaginary Summer
  16. Colma (completed 2008-5-5)
  17. Funeral *
  18. The Seventies Aren't What the Sixties Promised
  19. Western Children
  20. Agnes, Agatha, Jermaine and Jack
  21. Only Paper Airplanes** (begun 2008-8-1)
  22. Shimmering Inkling
** indicates tracks currently being recorded
* indicates tracks that are in planning

music by Charlie DeTar, words by Matthew Gray