this is lyrical and everything I wish to be
this is nothing, and everything to me.
it is-

3:00 AM 08-17-2000

hi. how are you. it's done... The music has dominated my life for long enough, and from the hole in which I stuck my self emerges the recording. My life for a while, poured onto the computer with all I had. All I could do...

It's not enough

journal of exposition
journal of desire
1 The Bus Is Half Full
2 Breakout
3 Page 2
4 Thursday I'm Sardonic
5 Dreams Become One
6 Candid
7 Single
8 Hannuchay
9 Apostrophe
10 Cold Coffee in the Pot
11 The Definitive Bitch Move

thanks, charlie detar, charlied@uclink4.berkeley.edu

If you want the whole thing, let me know. I can produce copies for about $3, mailed anywhere in the U.S.